IQUITOS MAGICA SELVA AMAZONICA – 05 Days / 04 Nights from $505

victoria regia


First day: Iquitos /Rio Amazon /Serpentario / Lodge

Reception at the Airport International Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta of Iquitos, or hotel that tell us.

Transfer to the Nanay port during this travel guide will tell about the time of the "rubber fever" who lived in the city of Iquitos, between the 19th and 20th centuries, you will have a vision of what were those years, It was related to the extraction and commercialization of this product, activity that generated years of good economic, There are streets with evidence of what was that time. "The history of Iquitos have to see much with the rubber".

In the PBellavista Nanay uerto We will address the Slipper pot, We will sail along the rivers Nanay and Amazon, We will appreciate to the “Amazon River” as a natural wonder.


We will see"the meeting of the waters", nature offers us a wonderful show at Amazon; It is of the meeting of two waters, that is together, but they do not mix, both run in parallel. The river Amazon with its waters of color Brown clear and the river Nanay with its waters of color black dark. The density of each River makes that not is mixed. In this point of meeting is frequent to observe dolphins pink or grey.

delfin del amazonas

Following our tour by the Amazon River, We visited to the "He founded don Pedrito" located in the community of the flower district, place where we will appreciate three pools, one with the fearsome piranhas, the other lizards and turtles and the other with Paiche which is the largest Amazonian fish; the victoria regia is also, among other animals such as caimans, parrots and motelos, you will have the opportunity to spend a fun time feeding these animals.



We continue our tour, by the rivers Nanay and Momon, visit to the Snake, property of a rivereno that has a large collection of animals in the area, as they are: Boas anaconda, snakes, monkeys, wild cats and sloth bears, in this place will have the opportunity of being very close to them, take photos, We will spend fun moments that will remain as a beautiful experience.

Reception and welcome in the Amazon Rainforest Lodge with a drink of fruit of the region; the guide will explain about the activities, It will give a brief orientation on your bungalow and the major facilities that has the Lodge.

amazon rainforest

We will enjoy a delicious lunch at the restaurant of the Amazon Rainforest Lodge called "The Hungry Monkey".

Free afternoon for will relax in the swimming pool, slide, Jacuzzi, lookout point with excellent panoramic view, on the balcony with a great view on the Momon River, Noting the passage of boats and wild birds.

After dinner, the Guide will myths and legends that you are part of the tradition passed down from generation to generation in a spontaneous way, We will hear about the Yacuruna that is the spirit of a the most important of the jungle magic man, the Sachamama, It is a gigantic, solitary boa who lives in the swamps, el Tunche, It is a spirit that enjoys terrorizing people; is neither good nor bad, el Chullachaqui is the jungle Goblin, lto Runa-mula It is a creature that roams in the night of the full moon, andl Bufeo Colorado"Pink Dolphin", It is a happy troll who is transformed into a sympathetic man, el Urcututo OWL giant that lives in the cup of the trees, The Tanrilla very nice small Garza and flirty, The Chichua Night Hawk.


Second day: Lodge

Bird watching, (Optional per hour) around them 05:30am, sail on the river Momon, during a time for enjoy of the song that emit them birds to the wake and van in search of their food.


After the breakfast, walk to explore the jungle, visit the communities coastal of Gene Gene y Center strong, We will appreciate the habits and customs of these people living on the banks of the river; they have as main activity the agriculture and fisheries; growing Yucca and banana, they used small canoes to the fish. They are attentive to know if you want to share a football match.

Visit to the Garden Botanical, called “Chullachaqui” the expert of the place will give explanations about the medicinal plants that exist in this place.

Visit to the tribe of the soul, recently moved to our area, they have built a small Longhouse in which offer us their friendship and give us their dances, chants and rituals traditional; We offer your handicraft made of seeds and plants local.


After the breakfast, visit to Piranha Park, book private, It is the right place to enjoy nature, counts with five lakes, Piranhas and other fish of the region are caught, walk around in kayaks, You can observe to a primate; also observe a great variety of trees with fibers long and plants medicinal, you see Victoria Regia, which has large round leaves that measure 1 meter of diameter, with a flower is of 40 cm in diameter this is open from the six of the afternoon, flowers from March to July. In this area you will find forests Virgin to explore the mysteries of our jungle Peruvian.

victoria regia

After dinner, sail in boat by the river Momon, at the appropriate time the guide will turn off the engine of the boat and in complete silence, the pot will slide, We will observe the

Moon, the stars and enjoy of the choir of the animals night, insects, frogs, owls, birds, fish jumping and other creatures of the night.



Third day: Lodge

Visit to the Insectarium called Macrodonta, is a center of interpretation of the nature, in which is observed several species of insects live as are the spiders, beetles, ants, Grasshopper, butterflies, We will have an explanation of each type of insect in their own lives.

Demonstration of the Rubber and its process to develop products handcrafted; el rubber is obtained from the tree by means of a treatment leaves juice Milky called "latex", observation of parts ancient regional that served to this development.

Walk towards the Trapiche, observe the preparation and tasting of the liquor typical of cane of sugar.

Enjoy of it fishing in the river.

Ride night, walk to observe and hear the sounds that emit them animals night, as are the insects and frogs.

Fourth day: Lodge / Palo Alto / Lodge

We walk through the virgin forest, We will see one of the tallest trees in the world than the Palo Alto, the kapok, Rubber, typical birds of the region.



After dinner, the guide will organize a small musical meeting with instruments that has the Lodge, guitars, flutes, among others, Karaoke, You can play an instrument and sing.

Fifth day: Lodge / Nanay River / Iquitos / Airport.

We prepare to return to the city, on the way visit to the indigenous tribe of Boras, those who receive us with their songs and traditional dances; We invite you to participate; We also offer for sale or barter their crafts.

Visit to Pilpintuwasi, whose quechua name means “House of butterflies“*, located in the Nanay River, in the town of father Cocha, created by the Dra. Austrian Gudrun Sperrer, It houses the most striking about two thousand species of butterflies, is an opportunity to observe one of them phenomena more fascinating of the nature the metamorphosis complete in its medium natural, After his short life of existence. Observe the varieties of the Morpho-iridescent, the Heliconius with bright spots Red, species with tail of

swallow and them with eyes of OWL, among many others. In another area we will observe monkeys, anteater, lazy, otorongo, tapir and several macaws. Open Tuesday to Sunday 9 am. at 4 pm.

City Tour:

The Boulevard: Located in front of the rio Itaya, one block from the Plaza de Armas, has a great view to the river Amazon.

Plaza de Armas: Is a place very colorful, is the point of encounter of the tourists.

The Church Cathedral: Also is known as Church matrix, located in the plaza of armas of Iquitos, at the intersection of the streets Arica and Putumayo, was declared monument historic in the nation in 1,996, It is considered an icon representing to Iquitos.

La Casa de Fierro: built by the architect Gustavo Eiffel (who made the famous Eiffel Tower in 1897.

Lake and Zoo of Quistococha: Located to 20 minutes of the city, close to the airport, We will look at a collection of different animals from the region, as they are cute, cats, birds of different colors, Paiche and dolphins. The Zoo is built on the beach of the Quistococha Lake, with white sand is very popular.

At the time appropriate transfer to the hotel or to the airport.

End of our program


  • Transfer In / Out airport or in the hotel indicated.
  • Water transfer port Nanay / Hostel / Nanay port.
  • Income to those places tourist mentioned in the program.
  • Power: 4 breakfast, 5 lunch and 4 dinner, per person.
  • Provides three regional meals a day, buffet service is from ten passengers, less than ten service is silver or service table. Inputs are transferred daily from the city of Iquitos lodge, is recommended that inform about any restriction in the power, If you are vegetarian or have any allergies.

Lunch hours are:

  • Breakfast 8:00am.
  • Lunch 1 pm. y
  • Dinner 7 pm.
  • Herbal teas and coffee the 24 hours a day.
  • Four nights of lodging in the Amazon Rainforest Lodge.
  • Free use of the facilities of the hostel.
  • Guide permanent during all the program.
  • All the activities mentioned in the programme.

Price per passenger


HAB. simple: $530.00

HAB. Double: $505.00

HAB. Triple: $505.00

Child: $238.00


  • Airline tickets
  • Consumption at the bar (soft drinks/alcoholic beverage)
  • Expenses personal and it not mentioned in the present program.


Is recommended that the passenger carry can get:

  • Documents of identity (DNI, Passport)
  • Repellent,
  • Slippers, comfortable shoes or rubber for hiking boots,
  • Hats,
  • Lenses,
  • Blocking solar,
  • Camera camera and batteries
  • Flashlights (piles of spare) for those long walks at night,
  • Umbrella in case of rain,
  • A book or magazine to read,
  • Binoculars,
  • Bottle for recharge water and bring to the excursions,
  • Plastic poncho to defend themselves from the rain.
  • Personal towel (to bathe in the lagoon of Quistococha)
  • Clothes of bath,
  • Thin clothing, the temperature ranges from 28 ° to 30 °.
  • We have a kit with basic medicines for fever, headache, insect bites and indigestion; but it is recommended to take with you the medicines you take for any treatment or prevention.
  • Optional: clothing used thin, school supplies and gifts to share with the tribes of the alarms they provide them their handicrafts for sale or barter and also to provide children from gene gene and strong Center they will be very happy to receive.
  • For groups we recommend to prepare a number of theatre as part of the cultural exchange with communities of gene gene and strong Center, take sport clothes to share a football or volleyball competition.



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