Orcona Nazca Peru, many bubbles of light in the night, in a magic prehispanic place



This Sunday 12 October we returned to Orcona accompanied by Felix Quispe Sarmiento, a master curandero who frequented the area for years and know how to call the famous energy bubbles.

Arrived at his didactic museum dedicated to the area and the ​​prehispanic cults and mysticisms, Felix began to explain how the energy center work.

Initially you have to go through a cleaning ritual to discharge the “dirty” energy that is deposited in all people for the tensions of life.

After Orcona, this archaic energetic center, have the extraordinary property, to amplify and increase “good” energy that every person have inside, their vitality.

Once recharged, the bodies, so electrized, begin to attract the bubbles which are then captured in photos.

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Then we moved from the museum to the center of Orcona, which is just a few miles outside Nazca, using an old rough road. The place was already known and used by the pre-hispanic and was recently rediscovered.

Felix began his ritual “Pago to Tierra”, to thank with coca leaves and “agua ardiente” (a local distilled ) the area and the natural spirits.

The pre-hispanic culture believed that nature had life and called her “Pachamama”, Mother Earth.

Through their rituals, the ancient peoples of the area tried the contact with primordial nature, which they respected like a parent, and from which, all of us, we come from.

Here some photos of what happened after.

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These photos were taken with a digital compact camera of 8 mega pixel.

We also tried to take photos with a Canon digital reflex but without any results, perhaps due to the flash light too powerful.

With my iphone instead in the pictures are appeared bubbles but light beams immortalized, leaving an opalescent trace .


In this photos you can see beams of light that rise to the right of the curandero Felix.


In this photo taken a moment after you see instead a spiral on the left.


In this photo, while greeted Orcona, some rays in the lower part.

Here photos of other sessions made by Felix where the bubbles appear in big quantities.

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Here some pictures of the work that Felix is ​​making, to explain the ancient knowledge of pre-hispanic curanderos.

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To contact Felix the curandero and go see this magical place:



Tel. 956 335858

Greetings to all.!

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  1. Carlo
    October 28, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    Did you enjoy ?when I do not sono.e then it says that you work!!! Hello to you soon

  2. October 29, 2014 at 1:19 am

    Hello Carlo, Your dad and’ what did come out more’ bubbles! I look forward to trying all the energy center of Orcona! See you soon. Henry

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