The disappeared religious city of Cahuachi explained by the prestigious archaeologist Dr. Giuseppe Orefici


Hello to all,

It is a pleasure to announce that on Sunday 23 February the Italians Group of ICA went to visit the city of Cahuachi accompanied by the beloved Italian Consul of ICA Mr. Alfredo Malatesta.

We had the honor of having as a guide the illustrious archaeologist Dr. Joseph Jewelers who has studied and brought to light this impressive religious center Nasca last thirty years.

It is the largest ceremonial center in the world mudbrick, the area comes to measuring 24 square kilometers, with 34 groups of pyramids for the most part still buried by sand.

The gigantic structures have been created with the intent to communicate with the gods and be the religious center of reference for the whole area. From here were definitely handled the Nazca lines using them as paths on which rituals were performed being offered to the Gods.

The immense pyramids were definitely instill reverence to all the people, we have to imagine the painted in different colors, high up to 20 meters, surmounted by temples supported by circular columns.

Unfortunately, the death of this grand religious colossus is caused by the fact that he was no longer able to perform its function or appease the gods to bring fertility and abundance.

Climate changes have occurred since the last glaciation, over approximately 10 thousand years ago, actually led to a slow but inexorable withering of the area until the entire system has collapsed due to an earthquake took place around 400 DC concomitant flooding of unprecedented destructive power due to the Mega Niño phenomenon.

The city of Cahuachi has a very particular history, was in fact covered with sand by its builders to the 450 After Christ, about a thousand years after his first employment.

Dr. Joseph Goldsmiths tells us that the work of cover-up of Cahauchi definitely required more effort than its construction.

The question arises. Why give so much to do when it would be enough to dismantle the platforms?

The answer is very simple, theocracy then considered far more important than the place of man and being dedicated so much time to the worship of their gods, it was decided to crystallize and seal the city in the sand forever.

Very significant is the fact that between the layers of coating were found a large number of wind instruments called “antara” that were used in religious cults.

The man had lost touch with their old deities and with Pachamama, the God of Earth. Did not make sense to play the gods and make offerings to become indifferent Divinity.

From the writings Peruvian anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, an old curandero tells:

“Who first taught me the traditions of the ancient prehispanic used to remind me that all of humanity has moved away from’abstract, though once we were to be his very close.

It was to be our greatest support, our propulsive force.

Then something must have happened that there has seconded, and now we can not riaccostarci.

He used to say that an apprentice takes years and years to be able to return to the abstract, that is, to know that the knowledge and the language may exist independently each other”

Carlos Castaneda – The Power of Silence

We have no written record of what really happened apart from the meticulous work of excavation of our laudable Italian Dr. Joseph Orefici that a grain of sand at a time he returned to the world the story of Cahuachi.

A heartfelt thanks as well to Dr.. Goldsmiths also to our Consul of Ica Sig. Alfredo Malatesta who accompanied us throughout the tour.

I enclose photos of the day.


One of the two buses that took us from Ica Nazca and return.


A nice break on the way to quench your thirst with a great local orange juice.


The Consul Alfredo with my daughter Isabella.


And I Danitza


Group Photo.


Maurice and Gisella come all the way from Lima to stay with us.


Check-in Cahuachi, The excavation was funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to 2011.


The Consul and his mother Elsa greet Mr.. Goldsmiths.


Giancarlo and Claudio Italian Embassy in Lima with the Consul and Mr.. Goldsmiths.


Group Photo.


Start the walk below 40 ° Desert Cahuachi.


William Zanatta our great photographer came from Lima.


Group Photo.


Higher and higher.




With some intermediate stops for luck!


Family Singers and Arquiñego under the sun.


Explanation of the group of Dr.. Goldsmiths


All recorded by our faithful William!


In the photo at the top of the well with two cisterns to store water and food.


All behind Dr. Goldsmiths!


Here with the Consul.


Detail of a staircase.


More detail of the Great Pyramid


A container to hold water.


The group with the great pyramid behind.


We had forgotten Ms Lilian's Restaurant Venice Ica.


Here Darius with his mother Gladys Hotel Rome ICA.


Also we want the photo with the Great Pyramid behind!




Detail of a wall with a frieze representing the Chakana or the famous Andean Cross.


Return visit from the glowing amidst the beautiful pyramids of Cahuachi.


Visit the prehispanic Nazca aqueducts that still carry water from the mountains to the arid zone of the Nazca.


Are still used to irrigate and in this picture we can appreciate the results.


Arrival at the museum where the staff of Dr. Antonini. Goldsmiths has collected all the relics found Cahuachi to reconstruct the habits and life of the pre-Columbian Nazca.


Start the tour of the museum exterior.


The same area museum was built over the remains of an aqueduct Nazca.


The area's history begins in the Neolithic Nazca (12.000 years ago) with the discovery of interesting cave paintings and petroglyphs.


Outside the museum are also reproduced the most famous Nazca lines. We are told that more than two hundred lines are still completely unknown to tourists.


Souvenir photos.


Souvenir photos.


Souvenir photos.


Souvenir photos.


The last photo of this exhibition dedicated to the Elsa Alfredo's mother who accompanied us throughout the day and thanks to his sympathy was named the “godmother” shipment.

Thanks to all the Italian Group of Ica to pass along this great adventure!


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